Michel Bellis

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Polycomb group (PcG) proteins are able to maintain the memory of silent transcriptional states of homeotic genes throughout development. In Drosophila, they form multimeric complexes that bind to specific DNA regulatory elements named PcG response elements (PREs). To date, few PREs have been identified and the chromosomal distribution of PcG proteins during(More)
Small RGK GTPases, Rad, Gem, Rem1, and Rem2, are potent inhibitors of high-voltage-activated (HVA) Ca2+ channels expressed in heterologous expression systems. However, the role of this regulation has never been clearly demonstrated in the nervous system. Using transcriptional analysis, we show that peripheral nerve injury specifically upregulates Gem in(More)
BACKGROUND A key step in the analysis of microarray expression profiling data is the identification of genes that display statistically significant changes in expression signals between two biological conditions. RESULTS We describe a new method, Rank Difference Analysis of Microarrays (RDAM), which estimates the total number of truly varying genes and(More)
BACKGROUND One essential step in the massive analysis of transcriptomic profiles is the calculation of the correlation coefficient, a value used to select pairs of genes with similar or inverse transcriptional profiles across a large fraction of the biological conditions examined. Until now, the choice between the two available methods for calculating the(More)
Motivation: Usefulness of analysis derived from Affymetrix microarrays depends largely upon the reliability of files describing the correspondence between probe sets, genes and transcripts. In particular, in case a gene is targeted by two probe sets, one must be able to assess if the corresponding signals measure a group of common transcripts or two groups(More)
High-Voltage-Activated (HVA) Ca(2+) channels are known regulators of synapse formation and transmission and play fundamental roles in neuronal pathophysiology. Small GTPases of Rho and RGK families, via their action on both cytoskeleton and Ca(2+) channels are key molecules for these processes. While the effects of RGK GTPases on neuronal HVA Ca(2+)(More)
The honeybee is a model system to study learning and memory, and Ca2+ signals play a key role in these processes. We have cloned, expressed, and characterized the first honeybee Ca2+ channel subunit. We identified two splice variants of the Apis CaVβ Ca2+ channel subunit (Am-CaVβ) and demonstrated expression in muscle and neurons. Although AmCaVβ shares(More)
Kif23 kinesin is an essential actor of cytokinesis in animals. It exists as two major isoforms, known as MKLP1 and CHO1, the longest of which, CHO1, contains two HXRXXS/T NDR/LATS kinase consensus sites. We demonstrate that these two sites are readily phosphorylated by NDR and LATS kinases in vitro, and this requires the presence of an upstream -5 histidine(More)
The usefulness of the data from Affymetrix microarray analysis depends largely on the reliability of the files describing the correspondence between probe sets, genes and transcripts. Particularly, when a gene is targeted by several probe sets, these files should give information about the similarity of each alternative probe set pair. Transcriptional(More)
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