Michel Bailly

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A new continuous chromatographic process (Varicol) has been presented recently. Its basic principle consists, in contrast to the traditional simulated moving bed (SMB) technology, of an asynchronous shift of the inlet/outlet lines in a multi-column system with a recycle loop. Due to the stronger influence of the discrete dynamics on the plant behavior, the(More)
A comprehensive description of a new process--the GSSR (Gradient with Steady State Recycle) process--for center-cut separation by solvent-gradient chromatography is provided, highlighting its versatility, flexibility, and ease of operation. The GSSR process is particularly suited for ternary separation of bioproducts: it provides three main fractions or(More)
In this article, the overall methodology used to determine the working flow-rates of a true moving bed (TMB) processing langmuirian isotherms compounds is explained. Then it is applied to different ternary configurations (4+4, 5+4, 8 or 9 zones TMB) in order to characterize their performances. Finally the results obtained on all the configurations are(More)
In this article, different ternary moving bed configurations are studied by determining the working flow-rates of the equivalent true moving bed at the low solvent consumption point using equilibrium theory. This method has been applied for linear adsorption isotherms. The simulated moving bed flow-rates can then be calculated and a final comparison between(More)
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