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" Kernel logistic PLS " (KL-PLS) is a new tool for supervised nonlinear dimensionality reduction and binary classification. The principles of KL-PLS are based on both PLS latent variables construction and learning with kernels. The KL-PLS algorithm can be seen as a supervised dimensionality reduction (complexity control step) followed by a classification(More)
C potential of a network approach. In: Mansell R, Raboy M (eds) The handbook of global media and communication policy. A model of consumers' perceptions of the invasion of information privacy. Inf Manage 50:1–12 Wall R, van der Knaap B (2012) Centrality, hierarchy, and heterarchy of worldwide corporate networks. In: (eds) International handbook of(More)
publication de deux ouvrages majeurs ([1][2]), le cadre méthodologique de la " théorie de l'apprentissage statistique ". C'est ce cadre de réflexion nouveau que nous voulons présenter ici succinctement aujourd'hui. Ces travaux théoriques ont d'ores et déjà apportés un avantage compétitif aux entreprises qui les ont adoptés en apportant une information plus(More)
N-phthaloyl GABA (P-GABA), a nonselective GABA-ergic drug, showed positive analgesic response in four different models in mice, viz-tail immersion, tail clip, hot plate and writhing-induced by acetic acid. Antinociceptive ED50 (ip in mice) of P-GABA was lowest in tail immersion method (ED50 = 24.27, mg/kg). Though pethidine (10 mg/kg, ip) significantly(More)
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