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A new, highly efficient pit-light trap is described and results of experiments on its efficacy that were carried out in various types of forests are presented. The Luminoc® insect trap is made of two parts: a 1-L collection container inserted into the ground and an upper container which houses a 6-V lantern battery and a circuit for electronic control of a(More)
This paper aims at monitoring agricultural areas using time series of satellite images, in order to obtain as early as possible in the year a classification of cultivated areas, as well as a characterisation of the different phenological behaviors for cultivated and natural land covers. For that purpose a learning phase has been performed, to provide a(More)
Outbreaks of the hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria (Gueneé), are characterized by rapid increase and patchy distribution over widespread areas, which make it difficult to detect impending outbreaks. This is a major problem with this insect. Population forecasting is based on tedious and expensive egg surveys in which eggs are extracted from 1-m branches;(More)
PURPOSE To assess the planning, treatment, and follow-up strategies worldwide in dedicated proton therapy ocular programs. METHODS AND MATERIALS Ten centers from 7 countries completed a questionnaire survey with 109 queries on the eye treatment planning system (TPS), hardware/software equipment, image acquisition/registration, patient positioning, eye(More)
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