Michel Allenbach

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In this paper, we propose an approach combining both strata detection and grain analysis on images of indurated cores. We use high-resolution images (47 lm/pixel) for granulometry and low-resolution images (270 lm/pixel) for strata detection, stored in indexed database. The quality of these images is sufficient for an interpretation identical and even(More)
Soil erosion is a major issue around the world. In the Pacific Islands, erosion has a strong impact on terrestrial and coastal ecosystems (mountains, alluvial plains, mangroves, coral reefs). Bush fire, deforestation and/or human activities accelerate erosion in mountainous areas especially on lateritic soils. Frequent and intense precipitation events(More)
Digital signal processing is commonly used in Geophysics. Methods combining core sample physical property measurements with image analysis are beginning to emerge. In this paper, we describe a digital processing method applied directly to core sample images. Our approach uses a number of timefrequency and scale-frequency transformations as well as(More)
In this paper, we describe a new technique for the automatic orientation of bedding in drill core from digital images. Images are planar pictures of the drill core, and we show that it is possible to determine layer orientation without rotating the core on the full circumference. More precisely, we show that angle information can be extracted by applying(More)
Carbon budgets in mangrove forests are uncertain mainly due to the lack of data concerning carbon export in dissolved and gaseous forms. Temporal variability of in situ CO2 fluxes was investigated at the sediment-air interface in different seasons in different mangrove stands in a semi-arid climate. Fluxes were measured using dynamic closed incubation(More)
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