Michel A Evans

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T-box genes form an ancient family of putative transcriptional regulators characterized by a region of homology to the DNA-binding domain of the murine Brachyury (T) gene product. This T-box domain is conserved from Caenorhabditis elegans to human, and mutations in T-box genes have been associated with developmental defects in Drosophila, zebrafish, mice,(More)
The gastric emptying rate and systemic availability of levodopa, administered as a single oral dose, was studied in six elderly parkinsonian patients, five elderly nonparkinsonian subjects, and six young healthy volunteers. In both elderly groups, gastric emptying was slowed relative to the young healthy volunteers. The lack of significant differences in(More)
Indomethacin is currently used for the pharmacologic closure of PDA in preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome. However, the response to the drug has been variable and the disposition of the drug in preterm infants is not well understood. We studied the pharmacokinetics of indomethacin in nine preterm infants with birth weights ranging from 800(More)
Under a double blind, randomized, complete block design, subjects were given either placebo and 10 mg/70 kg dextroamphetamine sulfate (A) orally followed 1 1/2 hr later by a marihuana cigarette (M) prepared to deliver 50 mug/kg delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Statistical analyses suggested that heart rate and blood pressure increased in an additive(More)
The permeability of the blood-retinal and blood-aqueous barriers to fluorescein (F) and the rate of aqueous flow can be estimated by measurements of F in the vitreous, aqueous, and plasma after systemic administration. F is commonly measured by fluorescence, but fluorescein glucuronide (FG), a metabolite of F, also fluoresces. To assess the influence of FG(More)
Selected parameters of renal function were studied in premature infants with a significant patent ductus arteriosus who were treated with intravenous indomethacin according to a specific protocol. Urine volume, glomerular filtration rate, urine sodium, and the fractional excretion of sodium were analyzed in 17; osmolar, sodium, and free water clearances in(More)
Interest in the interaction of opioids and histamine antagonists arose from the observation that abusers of pentazocine and triplennamine experience a heroin-like euphoria that neither drug alone produces. The present study was conducted to evaluate the analgesic properties of the combination of the histamine antagonist, triplennamine (TRP), and morphine(More)
The effect of the aging process on gastric emptying was studied in 11 elderly subjects (mean age, 77) and in 7 young healthy volunteers (mean age, 26). Gastric emptying rates were assessed by a modified sequential scinti-scanning technique after administration of the nonabsorbable chelated radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-DTPA. The rate of emptying, expressed as(More)
The disposition of oral indomethacin was studied in 9 premature infants with significant patent ductus arteriosus (sPDA) with birth weights ranging from 800 to 1,960 gm and gestational ages of 28 to 36 wk. Peak plasma concentrations in most of the subjects were not observed until 3 to 4 hr after administration and ranged from 0.027 to 0.31 microgram/ml.(More)