Micheal Scalora

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A transparent conductor has been developed based on one-dimensional metal/dielectric photonic band gap structures. Laminated metal/dielectric filters containing 100 nm of silver have been fabricated with >50% transmittance. Applications for transparent conducting films include antennas embedded in windshields, electrodes on flat panel displays,(More)
We experimentally demonstrate simultaneous phase and group velocity locking of fundamental and generated second harmonic pulses in Lithium Niobate, under conditions of material phase mismatch. In phase-mismatched, pulsed second harmonic generation in addition to a reflected signal two forward-propagating pulses are also generated at the interface between a(More)
Analytical treatment of the self-phase-modulation of an ultrashort light pulse is extended beyond the slowly varying envelope approximation. The resulting wave equation is modified to include corrections to self-phasemodulation due to higher-order spatial and temporal derivatives. Analytical solutions are found in the limiting regimes of high nonlinearities(More)
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