Micheal O Foghlu

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Integrated management of the Future Internet governs resources, networks, systems and services. This requires systems supporting services to orchestrate decision-making and management tasks. Management tasks must be performed considering end-user and network activity, and be able to enforce and verify operations for network and end-user requirements(More)
The Knowledge Plane was defined as a global, decentralized network overlay which used cognitive information processing to build a self-managing network. This paper builds on that work to address a number of its shortcomings, including a means to express business goals to drive the set of network services and resources provided, the ability to work with and(More)
Management of broadband convergence networks (BcN) and next generation services demands new organizational aspects also new descriptions of operations and management functions for supporting communications systems. The new organizational aspects are being engendered and supported simultaneously by the emerging information technologies and communications(More)
This paper describes a new version of the DEN-ng context model, and how this model in conjunction with the DEN-ng policy model can be used for more effective and flexible context management for autonomic networking. Both are part of the FOCALE autonomic network architecture. Context selects policies, which select roles that can be used, which in turn define(More)
The current Internet, though successful, suffers from a set of underlying architectural and business problems that threaten its ability to meet the needs of the future. This article discusses those problems, and then presents a novel approach designed to meet business needs while advocating the concept of the prosumer. This approach provides a mapping(More)
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