Micheal J. Borden

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We present a numerical study of the spinodal decomposition of a binary fluid undergoing shear flow using the advective Cahn-Hilliard equation, a stiff, nonlinear, parabolic equation characterized by the presence of fourth-order spatial derivatives. Our numerical solution procedure is based on isogeometric analysis, an approximation technique for which basis(More)
Various electron cloud effects (ECE) including the two-stream (e-p) instability at the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) have been studied extensively for the past five years with the goal of understanding the phenomena, mitigating the instability and ultimately increasing beam intensity. The specialized diagnostics used in the studies are two types of(More)
  • R. J. Macek, A. A. Browman, +7 authors M. T. F. Pivi
  • 2007
A diagnostic to measure electron cloud formation and trapping in a quadrupole magnet has been developed, installed, and successfully tested at PSR. Beam studies with this diagnostic show that the electron flux striking the wall in the quadrupole is comparable to or larger than in an adjacent drift. In addition, the trapped electron signal, obtained using(More)
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