Miche Baker-Harvey

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Object-oriented models are a popular basis for supporting uniform sharing of data and services in operating systems, distributed programming systems, and database systems. We term systems that use objects for these purposes object sharing systems. Operating systems in common use have nonuni-form addressing models, making the uniform object naming required(More)
Multimedia processors offer a programmable, cost-effective way to provide multimedia functionality in environments previously serviced by fixed-function hardware and digital signal processors. Achieving acceptable performance requires that the multimedia processor's software emulate hardware devices. There are stringent requirements on the operating system(More)
The recent appearance of architectures with at 64-bit virtual addressing opens an opportunity to reconsider the way our operating systems use virtual address spaces. We are building an operating system called Opal for these wide-address architectures. The key feature of Opal is a single global virtual address space that extends to data on long-term storage(More)
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