Michalis Konstantopoulos

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Within the context of learning technology environments, there is much effort on one hand, at de®ning metadata for educational content, and on the other, at specifying learner user pro®les. However, less attention has been paid to the understanding of the relationship between these two areas of research, in terms of semantic and structural correlations.(More)
The increased signi®cance of digital and human networks in academic institutions and the development of vocational and distance-learning methods and systems and their associated delivery services have modi®ed the organizational and information structures of academic institutions. In this new scenario, management information systems, many learning resources(More)
1 Deliverable D0702int (Recommendations for enhancements in IRIS teleworking service) aims to propose enhancements in WEBFORUM, a specific teleworking service. The recommendations raised in this deliverable are related, on the one hand, to enhancements on the basis of web content accessibility and, on the other hand, to enhancements on the basis of(More)
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