Michal Zilberberg

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OBJECTIVE Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is more severe in the left ear than the right ear. The aim of this study was to examine the possible association of handedness and acoustic reflex parameters on right or left NIHL predominance. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review and prospective series. SETTING Tertiary center. PATIENTS Three samples were(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated particulate matter in combined induced sputum (IS) and oxidation in exhaled breath condensate (EBC) to test whether underlying inflammatory changes are present in asymptomatic welders. METHODS Thirty welders from the Israel Defense Forces exposed to aluminum/iron (Group 1) or to cadmium/chromium/iron/lead/nickel (Group 2, N = 16)(More)
BACKGROUND Dichloromethane poisoning affects predominantly the central nervous and the cardiovascular systems, and results from both carboxyhemoglobin formation and direct solvent-related narcosis. Exposure is frequently occupational and related to paint-stripping. Several reports have described severe adverse effects as well as fatalities. Conflicting(More)
INTRODUCTION Running gasoline engines in a confined space causes heat stress and carbon monoxide (CO) buildup. Loading the C-130 aircraft by driving the vehicles onto the platform may expose the C-130 cabin crew to these environmental hazards. This study was aimed at investigating heat stress and CO exposure in the C-130 cabin during vehicle airlift. (More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the natural history of hearing loss (HL) in Israeli military aviators and its risk factors. METHODS Audiometric results of aviators with available audiometry at ages 30 and 40 years, and up to their last available audiometry were retrieved. HL DEFINITION: pure-tone threshold (PTT) of 30 dB or higher in at least one frequency in at(More)
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