Michal Zelcer

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Predator–prey studies often assume a three trophic level system where predators forage free from any risk of predation. Since meso-predators themselves are also prospective prey, they too need to trade-off between food and safety. We applied foraging theory to study patch use and habitat selection by a meso-predator, the red fox. We present evidence that(More)
  • Michal Zelcer, Ran D Goldman
  • Canadian family physician Medecin de famille…
  • 2016
QUESTION There are times when parents arrive to my clinic after their child has had a seizure and a second seizure takes place in the clinic. While waiting for transport to the hospital, are there ways to stop the seizures without the need to obtain intravenous access in the clinic? ANSWER Intravenous diazepam has been a first-line therapy to stop(More)
  • Michal Zelcer, Ran D Goldman
  • Canadian family physician Médecin de famille…
  • 2015
QUESTION In light of the increase in the number of school-aged children diagnosed with dyslexia, what is the role of omega-3 supplements in the management of this condition? ANSWER Dyslexia is the most common learning disability and is known to have multifactorial causes. Recent evidence suggests that there is a connection between defects in highly(More)
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