Michal Wypych

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The paper presents the semantics for the time version of the Alvis modelling language. Alvis combines possibilities of formal models verification with flexibility and simplicity of practical programming languages. The considered time Alvis language is suitable for formal verification of real-time systems. The paper contains description of: the Alvis time(More)
Alvis is a formal modelling language for concurrent systems with the following advantages: a graphical modelling language used to define interconnections among agents, a high level programming language used to define the behaviour of agents and the possibility of a formal model verification. An Alvis model semantics find expression in an LTS graph (labelled(More)
Priority management is crucial to the development of correct real-time systems. Applications of formal methods in the development process require to choose a suitable formalism that is capable of dealing with different priority management algorithms. The paper deals with priority management in the Alvis modelling language. One of the advantages of Alvis is(More)
Concurrent systems are composed of a set of subsystems (processes, threads etc.) that must communicate between themselves to meet the system requirements. Modelling and programming languages provide different communication modes to handle synchronous and/or asynchronous communication between subsystems. The paper provides a survey of communication modes(More)
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