Michal Wszola

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UNLABELLED Machine perfusion (MP) has been used as the kidney preservation method in our center for over 10 years. The first, small (n = 74) prospective, single-blinded randomized study comparing MP and Cold Storage (CS) showed that the incidence of delayed graft function was higher after CS. There have been no reports in the literature on the effect of(More)
BACKGROUND Using expanded criteria donor (ECD) organs is 1 strategy to make more organs available for transplant. To reduce the number of posttransplant complications and failures, there is a need to create a comprehensive system of evaluation before transplantation, especially for kidneys harvested from ECD. The aim of this study was to assess the results(More)
Orexin A may play a special role in animals' sensitivity to the day length changes such as sheep. The localization of mRNA for prepro-orexin in the ovine hypothalamus was found to correspond to the pattern described in rodents. The results of that research also showed that the expression of the orexin gene depends on the length of a day and is higher during(More)
BACKGROUND Islets and pancreas transplantation have become standard treatments of patients with diabetic complications. However pancreas transplantation is associated with high incidence of complications and the long-term results of islet transplantation are still unsatisfactory. Loss of pancreatic islets grafts is caused not only by immunological reactions(More)
BACKGROUND Despite documented positive effect of MachinePerfusion (MP) on long-term kidneys-graft function its wide use is restricted due to higher costs. The aim of this study was to analyze the difference in costs of kidney transplantation in patients who received organ stored in ColdStorage (CS) vs those who received kidneys stored with MP.<br /> (More)
CONTEXT Machine perfusion improves graft survival. Histopathologic analysis reveals a lower incidence of chronic rejection and interstitial fibrosis in kidneys preserved with machine perfusion. Ischemic/reperfusion injury may help to explain these findings. OBJECTIVE To assess the activation of genes correlated with ischemic/reperfusion injury in kidneys(More)
Studies have shown beneficial effects of machine perfusion (MP) on early kidney function and long-term graft survival. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the type of perfusion device could affect outcome of transplantation of deceased donor kidneys. A total of 50 kidneys retrieved from 25 donors were randomized to machine perfusion using a(More)
Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPKT) improves long-term survival of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients with diabetic nephropathy. The increasing success of SPKT is a result of improved surgical technique, better organ preservation, potent antirejection therapy, and effective use of antibiotics to prevent and treat infectious(More)