Michal Wrzeszcz

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In this paper we provide a brief survey of agent based simulation (ABS) platforms and evaluate two of them --- NetLogo and MASON --- by implementing an exemplary scenario in the context of human behavior modeling. We define twelve evaluation points, which we discuss for both of the evaluated systems. The purpose of our evaluation is to identify the best ABS(More)
The paper presents baseline and complex part-of-speech taggers applied to the modified corpus of Frequency Dictionary of Contemporary Polish, annotated with a large tagset. First, the paper examines accuracy of 6 baseline part-of-speech taggers. The main part of the work presents simple weighted voting and complex voting taggers. Special attention is paid(More)
In a modern globalised world, military and peace keeping forces often face situations which require very subtle and well planned operations taking into account cultural and social aspects of a given region and its population as well as dynamic psychological awareness related to recent events which can have impact on the attitude of the civilians. The goal(More)
Scientific communities require global access to data which is effective, simple and convenient. Logical integration of independently managed resources used by particular research groups is needed. None of the existing services and tools possesses all needed features to provide global, easy and efficient access to data in organizationally distributed(More)