Michal Wronski

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AIMS The aim of the present study was to evaluate a possible relationship between taste responses to sweet solutions and alcoholic status. METHODS The rated intensity and pleasantness of sucrose taste was compared in male alcoholics (n = 45) and non-alcoholic controls (n = 33). RESULTS The rated intensity, but not pleasantness, of water taste (0%(More)
In this paper we present a new method for fast scalar multiplication on elliptic curves over GF (p) in FPGA using Edwards and twisted Edwards curves over GF (p). The presented solution works for curves with prime group order (for example for all NIST curves over GF (p)). It is possible because of using 2-isogenous twisted Edwards curves over GF (p) instead(More)
Numerous problems in power system protection have led to ongoing work for protection engineers to properly configure relays and other devices. These problems include power swing blocking, power swing tripping, and islanding detection. Traditional detection of these conditions using voltage and current have led to complex algorithms and setting guidelines.(More)
In this paper we describe deployment of most important life sciences applications on the grid. The build grid is heterogenous and consist of systems of different architecture as well as operating systems and various middleware. We have used UNICORE infrastructure as framework for development dedicated user interface to the number of existing computational(More)
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