Michal Strzelecki

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MaZda, a software package for 2D and 3D image texture analysis is presented. It provides a complete path for quantitative analysis of image textures, including computation of texture features, procedures for feature selection and extraction, algorithms for data classification, various data visualization and image segmentation tools. Initially, MaZda was(More)
This paper describes an automatic method for classification and segmentation of different intracardiac masses in tumor echocardiograms. Identification of mass type is highly desirable, since to different treatment options for cardiac tumors (surgical resection) and thrombi (effective anticoagulant treatment) are possible. Correct diagnosis of the character(More)
We present an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) CMOS chip that implements a synchronized oscillator cellular neural network with a matrix size of 32 × 32 for object sensing and labeling in binary images. Networks of synchronized oscillators are a recently developed tool for image segmentation and analysis. Its parallel network operation is(More)