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The 'Sendzimir' Steel Mill, Cracow, Poland, gives employment to approximately 17,000 workers. During the years 1994-98, 1396 compensation claims for diseases related to occupational hazards were registered. After a scrupulous investigation, 851 cases were certified as occupation-related diseases. Of this number, 481 cases (56.5%) were diagnosed as pulmonary(More)
Magnesium deficiency has been suggested to be related to the mitral valve prolapse syndrome (MVPS). The aim of the present study was to analyse the concentration of magnesium in blood plasma of patients (pts) with MVPS. In the group of 80 subjects, including 50 pts with MVPS and 30 healthy people matched for age and gender, who comprised the control group(More)
To assess the influence of noxious ecological factors caused by air, water and soil pollution, multidisciplinary medical examination of inhabitants of villages situated in the Protective Zone of the Nowa Huta Steel Mill Plant was conducted. Tokarnia, a village about 40 km south-west of Cracow, commonly believed to have favorable environmental conditions,(More)
The concentration of fetal hemoglobin (HbF) in blood of 195 healthy men and 39 women was measured by alkali denaturation method of Singer et al. Arithmetic mean in the group of men was 0.325% whereas in women it was 0.399%. The difference between the means was statistically significant. Frequency histograms showed two unlike subpopulations with wider span(More)
In the groups of 232 inhabitants of the protective zone of Steel-Mill Nowa Huta in Kraków (181 women and 51 men) and 137 inhabitants of Tokarnia village, located appx 60 km from Kraków, far from industrial emitters of chemical and physical pollutants (100 women and 37 men), frequency of occurrence of emphysema was estimated. Diagnosis of that disease was(More)