Michal Star-Weinstock

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Testosterone analysis by LC-MS/MS is becoming the analytical method of choice over immunoassays due to its specificity and accuracy. However, neutral steroid hormones possess poor ionization efficiency in MS/MS, resulting in insufficient sensitivity for analyzing samples with trace concentrations of the hormones. The method presented here utilizes a(More)
A sensitive and selective method was developed to quantitate allopregnanolone and its 5β isomer pregnanolone in human plasma using liquid chromatography-differential mobility separation combined with MS/MS detection. The method employed a simple liquid-liquid extraction of 100 μL plasma with hexane/ethyl acetate. After extraction, the sample was derivatized(More)
Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX) is a rare, difficult-to-diagnose genetic disorder of bile acid (BA) synthesis that can cause progressive neurological damage and premature death. Detection of CTX in the newborn period would be beneficial because an effective oral therapy for CTX is available to prevent disease progression. There is no suitable test to(More)
The purification of proteins by affinity chromatography is based on their highly specific interaction with an immobilized ligand followed by elution under conditions where their affinity towards the ligand is markedly reduced. Thus, a high-degree purification by a single chromatographic step is achieved. However, when several proteins in the crude mixture(More)
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