Michal Shaked

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A deficit in theory of mind (ToM) abilities has been described as the core deficit in autism. The authors performed 3 meta-analyses, comparing ToM abilities of individuals with autism, individuals with mental retardation (MR), and normally developing individuals. Results indicated that individuals with autism and MR have impaired ToM abilities. The etiology(More)
Severe or chronic illness-related events present patients and their family members with a physically and socially changed reality. In analyzing 30 open-ended interviews of ultraorthodox Jewish Israeli mothers of children with autism, this paper addresses the general question of one childhood disorder's social trajectory and examines in particular mothers'(More)
The cognitive and language skills of 30 siblings of children with autism (SIBS-A) and 30 siblings of typically developing children (SIBS-TD) were compared. Non-significant group differences emerged for cognition at both ages. At 24 months, significantly more SIBS-A demonstrated language scores one or two standard deviations below the mean compared to(More)
BACKGROUND The genetic basis of autism has received great attention during the last few years. The psychiatric status of parents of persons with autism has been studied as part of the broad phenotype of autism. METHODS In the current study we examined all studies in which psychiatric difficulties of parents of children with autism were compared to those(More)
In this essay we seek to examine the cultural tool kit employed in the Jewish ultraorthodox community to cope with autism, a predicament deemed resistant to massive cultural molding. Through 30 open-ended interviews with ultraorthodox mothers of children with autism we portray the mothers' emerging recognition of the disorder, their care seeking activities,(More)
Deficits in theory of mind (ToM), evident in most individuals with autism, have been suggested as a core deficit of autism. ToM difficulties in young siblings of children with autism (SIBS-A) compared to siblings of typically developing children (SIBS-TD) would place the former within the broad phenotype. We examined ToM's possible associations with(More)
In this paper, we summarize some of our findings from a series of three meta-analyses and discuss their implications for autism research. In the first meta-analysis, we examined studies addressing the theory of mind hypothesis in autism. This analysis revealed that theory of mind disabilities are not unique to autism, although what may be unique is the(More)
A judicial biography is different from other biographies in that, in addition to the character of the subject, his or her judicial precedents are also crucial to the story. In this sense, Michal Shaked’s book on Justice Moshe Landau, the former Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court and the chief judge for the trial of Adolf Eichmann, is a fine example(More)
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