Michal Sabag

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BACKGROUND Sarcoidosis and chronic beryllium disease (CBD) are inflammatory conditions in which oxidative stress state may be crucial for disease outcome. This study compares haem oxygenase-1 (HO-1) extracellular activity for the first time in patients with sarcoidosis or CBD and in healthy controls. MATERIALS AND METHODS Induced sputum was recovered(More)
Previous studies using 'Hass' avocado cultivar showed that its small-fruit (SF) phenotype is limited by cell number. To explore the molecular components affecting avocado cell production, we isolated four cDNAs encoding: an ICK/KRP protein, known to play cell cycle-regulating roles through modulation of CDK function; two CDK proteins and a D-type cyclin,(More)
Phytophthora kernoviae is an invasive species first described from Britain and later New Zealand. We conducted surveys for Phytophthora species in forests in southern Chile. Symptomatic fallen leaves of Drimys winteri were encountered in a native forest. P. kernoviae was isolated. This is the first report of P. kernoviae outside of UK and New Zealand.
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