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The Car2Car communication will use a reserved frequency band at 5.9 GHz. One of the key requirements for a Car2Car antenna is that the gain is concentrated in the horizontal plane, which is a problem due to the limited ground plane of a car roof. The influence of roof curvature, roof racks and panorama glass roofs were investigated to quantify them. To the(More)
Soft X-ray microscopy is a powerful tool for investigations of, for example, polymers or soils in their natural liquid environment. This requires a wet-specimen chamber. Compact X-ray microscopy allows the horizontal mounting of such samples, thereby reducing the influence of gravitational forces. We have developed a wet-specimen chamber for such compact(More)
This paper deals with the design and experimental validation of a tunable matching network for discrete-resizing CMOS power amplifiers operating at 2.45 GHz (i.e. in the WiFi frequency band). The network is based on a two stages ladder configuration and exploits high-Q MEMS capacitors to achieve the impedance tuning. Furthermore , since these capacitors can(More)
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