Michal Pióro

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We provide information on the Survivable Network Design Library (SNDlib), a data library for fixed telecommunication network design that can be accessed at http://sndlib.zib.de. In version 1.0, the library contains data related to 22 networks which, combined with a set of selected planning parameters, leads to 830 network planning problem instances. In this(More)
We consider the problem of link capacity dimensioning and bandwidth allocation in networks that support elastic flows and maintain proportional fairness among these flows. We assume that a certain allocated bandwidth to a user demand generates revenue for the network operator. On the other hand, the operator is incurred a capacity dependent cost for each(More)
In this paper we address the problem of routing optimization in IP networks. We assume that traffic is routed along the shortest paths computed with respect to administrative link metrics. Metrics are distributed in a network by open shortest path first (OSPF) or a similar routing protocol. If it happens that the shortest path is not unique then equal-cost(More)
In the paper we address traffic engineering problems related to optimization of routing in IP networks applying destination-based shortest path routing (SPR) of the OSPF type. An SPR routing pattern is determined by a system of (administrative) weights defined over the set of IP links: the routes for IP forwarding are determined as the shortest paths(More)
The goal of the paper is to present a decomposed approach to optimization of inter-domain routing in IP networks. A problem of maximizing the total amount of traffic carried in an inter-domain network is formulated as a linear programme. Using Lagrangean relaxation the problem is decomposed with respect to individual domains. A resolution method based on(More)