Michal Otcenasek

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OBJECTIVE The endopelvic fascia is a confluent suspensory apparatus of the female pelvic organs. The aim of the study was to construct a three-dimensional model of the endopelvic fascia, defining its shape and its connections to the surrounding parietal structures. METHODS We created a three-dimensional multiple-source computer model to simultaneously(More)
The lateral support of the vaginal wall depends on the integrity of the paravaginal section of the visceral pelvic fascia, levator ani, and their connection. Various defects of the muscle and fascia can result in identical clinical findings-ie, the descent of the lateral vaginal sulcus. In this study, we created a realistic scheme for classifying(More)
OBJECTIVE This work focuses on finding method for detecting the elementary mechanical characteristics of the vagina-endopelvic fascia complex, aimed at providing results for use in optimizing solutions for stability defects of the pelvic floor. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two experiments have already been carried out that have enabled monitoring of the reaction(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compares several parameters of sexual life and course of labor in women with planned and unplanned pregnancy. METHODS 339 primiparas participated in our study; they filled in a questionnaire concerning their sexual life during pregnancy on the second or third day after the delivery. One question also stressed planning of pregnancy.(More)
Recent theories about migraine pathogenesis have emphatized the role of the trigeminal system in the pathogenesis of migraine attacks. The local vasodilatation of intracranial extracerebral blood vessels and the consequent stimulation of surrounding trigeminal sensory nerve pain pathways are proposed to be the key mechanisms underlying the generation of(More)
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