Michal Olsovsky

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Today's congestion prevention in IP networks is based mainly on hard TCP end nodes notification. This notification uses queuing mechanism and ends up in certain packet drop which forces specific TCP end nodes to decrease the congestion window. Different way is soft TCP end nodes notification which is based on existing ECN system while allowing network to(More)
With the expanding amount of data transferred over communication links it is necessary to improve the links and appropriate network devices to match the traffic requests. The most common way of increasing network throughput and performance in general is usually the replacement of the network devices and links. This way is reliable but usually expensive.(More)
Network throughput increase is usually associated with replacement of communication links and appropriate network devices. However it is necessary to bear in mind that effective and less intrusive increase of network throughput can be achieved via the improvement of existing protocol stack, mostly at network and transport layer. In this paper we propose an(More)
Network performance increase does not have to be associated only with the upgrade of existing infrastructure and devices. More effective and less expensive increase of network performance can be achieved via sophisticated improvement of existing protocols, mainly at network and transport layer. The aim of this paper is to introduce our new approach for(More)
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