Michal Nowakiewicz

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SQL Server 2012 introduced two innovations targeted for data warehousing workloads: column store indexes and batch (vectorized) processing mode. Together they greatly improve performance of typical data warehouse queries, routinely by 10X and in some cases by a 100X or more. The main limitations of the initial version are addressed in the upcoming release.(More)
Over the last two releases SQL Server has integrated two specialized engines into the core system: the Apollo column store engine for analytical workloads and the Hekaton in-memory engine for high-performance OLTP workloads. There is an increasing demand for real-time analytics, that is, for running analytical queries and reporting on the same system as(More)
We consider a problem of rigid body motion planning in a static 3D environment. In the past, methods based on random sampling like Probabilistic Roadmap and its variants proved to be able to efficiently solve many important instances of that problem. Performance of these methods degrades drastically in the presence of narrow passages. We propose a different(More)
We consider a problem of 6DOF rigid body motion planning between static and known obstacles in presence of tight passages. Popular planners, like Probabilistic Roadmap, are not capable of concluding that the solution does not exist. We present a simple and massively parallel method of proving, that a requested motion is not possible. It is based on a(More)
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