Michal Morawski

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The paper describes the application of the traffic engineering framework together with application layer procedures as mechanisms for the reduction of network latency lags. These mechanisms allow using standard and inexpensive hardware and software technologies typically applied for office networking as a means of realising networked control systems (NCSs)(More)
The paper addresses the problem of remote plant control in networked environment with the use of linear-quadratic (LQ) optimal controller. Since information exchange in networked control systems is essentially a discrete-time process, the controller design is conducted directly in discrete time domain. It is formally shown that the optimization problem for(More)
Network based Control Systems (NCSs) are more and more often selected in designing distributed control systems due to both economic and practical reasons. Today designs of NCSs frequently involve the non-expensive wireless communication instead of traditional wired links. Such systems are usually called Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and are used for many(More)
Implementation of a remote control setup requires handling the issues of finite sampling rate at the communication interfaces, as well as the delay and uncertainty of information transfer through network channels. With the effort to shorten the convergence time while retaining smooth inputs under actuator saturation soft Variable Structure Control (VSC) can(More)
The paper deals with the design of the real-time net-worked control system (NCS) for the experimental magnetic levitation system (MLS) which is an example of the highly dynamic and structurally unstable controlled plant. The experimental system under consideration consists of the plant (MLS) equipped with sensor, actuator and a local computer responsible(More)
Typically, in order to organize the traffic in networks, some routing protocol is involved to establish and maintain paths for data flow. In the light of routing limitations in wireless environments, particularly restrictive when low power nodes are involved in a dynamic environment, the paper presents a different approach to organize the network traffic.(More)