Michal Mizrahi

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The pathogenesis of the diverse forms of prion disease was attributed solely to the accumulation of the misfolded PrP forms, and not to the potential loss of normal PrP(C) function during disease propagation. In this respect, it was also not established whether mutant PrPs linked to genetic prion diseases, as is the case for E200K PrP, preserve the function(More)
While the conversion of PrP(C) into PrP(Sc) in the transmissible form of prion disease requires a preexisting PrP(Sc) seed, in genetic prion disease accumulation of disease related PrP could be associated with biochemical and metabolic modifications resulting from the designated PrP mutation. To investigate this possibility, we looked into the time related(More)
Concerns have been raised about two of the figures published in this article (see: https:// pubpeer.com/publications/23922744). The first concern was about Figure 2c ('middle right panel: The right 2 lanes look very similar') whilst the second was about Figure 3b ('PK-panel: A rectangle with a much lighter background than the rest of the blot appears to be(More)
BACKGROUND Mycetoma is a chronic and destructive infection caused by either fungus or bacteria. Mycetoma has a characteristic clinical presentation of a triad of tumor-like swelling, draining sinuses, and macroscopic grains. Mycetoma infection is extremely rare in Israel; however, in view of the recent immigration from mycetoma-hyperendemic regions of(More)
BACKGROUND Data for predicting which patients with pandemic influenza A (H1N1) infection are likely to run a complicated course are sparse. We retrospectively studied whether the admission serum C-reactive protein (CRP) levels can serve as a predictor of illness severity. METHODS Included were all consecutive adult patients who presented to the emergency(More)
AIM To evaluate the positive predictive value of abdominal non-prepared computed tomography (CT) for diagnosing intestinal lumen or wall lesions in patients presenting to the emergency room (ER) with abdominal complaints. METHODS For 1-year we prospectively evaluated all ER patients hospitalized after abdominal CT scan detected either intraluminal or(More)
Ofer Zimmerman (oferzim@gmail.com) Ori Rogowski (orir@tasmc.health.gov.il) Galit Aviram (aviramgalit@hotmail.com) Michal Mizrahi (michal_miz@hotmail.com) David Zeltser (davidz@tasmc.health.gov.il) Dan Justo (danj@tasmc.health.gov.il) Esther Dahan (estherda@gmail.com) Roy Arad (aradroy@yahoo.com) Oholi Touvia (toholi@gmail.com) Luba Tau (lubatau@gmail.com)(More)
UNLABELLED Neurodegenerative diseases generate the accumulation of specific misfolded proteins, such as PrP(Sc) prions or A-beta in Alzheimer's diseases, and share common pathological features, like neuronal death and oxidative damage. To test whether reduced oxidation alters disease manifestation, we treated TgMHu2ME199K mice, modeling for genetic prion(More)
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