Michal Meina

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In this paper, we summarize AAIA'15 data mining competition: Tagging Firefighter Activities at a Fire Scene, which was held between March 9 and July 6, 2015. We describe the scope and background of the competition. We also reveal details regarding the data set used in the competition, which was collected and tagged specifically for the purpose of this data(More)
This paper investigates subsequent matching approach and feature-based classification for activity recognition using accelerometer readings. Recognition is done by similarity measure based on DTWs on each acceleration axis. Preliminary ensemble method is proposed and comparative study is executed showing better and more stable results.
This paper introduces a model fusion approach that improves the effectiveness of Personal Dead Reckoning Systems that exploits foot-mounted Inertial Measurement Units. Our solution estimates a sensor orientation by exploiting the Madgwick's algorithm integrated with popular Kalman-based solution. This way, attitude and heading correction is not based on the(More)
This paper summarizes our approach and experimental evaluation of infrastructure-based Indoor Positioning System (IPS) designed to be used by First Responders. We are using 868 MHz single channel, power-efficient radio markers and RSSI (Receiver Signal Strength Indicator) fingerprinting. Artificial Neural Network translates vectors of RSSI constructed using(More)
This paper describes a method for spatial tracking of a strapdown device that can be used for design of human-computer interfaces. Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is used to obtain 6-dof position exploiting the so-called ZUPT technique by the means of the Kalman Filter. Additional corrections of position are done using magnetometer readings in the presence(More)
The paper deals with integration of distributed fragmented collections of data, being the basis for virtual repositories in the data grid or P2P architecture. The core of the described architecture is based on the StackBased Query Language (SBQL) and virtual updateable SBQL views. Our virtual repository transparently integrates distributed, heterogeneous(More)
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