Michal Marek

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This paper describes the participation of the Charles University in Cleaneval 2007, the shared task and competitive evaluation of automatic systems for cleaning arbitrary web pages with the goal of preparing web data for use as a corpus in the area of computational linguistics and natural language processing. We try to solve this task as a sequence-labeling(More)
Understanding the relationships between climate and carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems is critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide because of the potential accelerating effects of positive climate–carbon cycle feedbacks. However, directly observed relationships between climate and terrestrial CO 2 exchange with the atmosphere(More)
• It is well established that individual organisms can acclimate and adapt to temperature to optimize their functioning. However, thermal optimization of ecosystems, as an assemblage of organisms, has not been examined at broad spatial and temporal scales. • Here, we compiled data from 169 globally distributed sites of eddy covariance and quantified the(More)
In three experiments, we tested the one-place, one-perspective rule formulated by Franklin, Tversky, and Coon (1992). This rule proposes that subjects take a neutral, external perspective when they must use multiple viewpoints to make decisions about the locations of objects in memorized scenes. We compared responding from a single viewpoint with responding(More)
In this chapter, the effects of elevated [CO 2 ] on model parameters are studied by applying statistical techniques known as meta-analysis to the data compiled in the ECOCRAFT database. Three processes were studied in particular: photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, and dark respiration. The meta-analysis of photosynthesis data indicated that parameters of(More)
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