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Counting Stylometric Properties of Sonnets: A Case Study of Machar's Letní sonety
The genre of sonnet has been a traditional must-write of all lyric poets since Renaissance; it has shaped itself into many a form, usually following the possibilities of individual national languages. Expand
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Belza Chains in Machar's Letní sonety
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Belza-chain Analysis: Weighting Elements
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On Stylometric Features of H. Beam Piper’s Omnilingual
We study the style of a science fiction novelette, and propose a testable hypothesis. Expand
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Quantifying the Quantitative Meter: On Rhythmic Types in the Dactylic Hexameter
We present the analysis of long prose texts using several simple definitions of distance based on rank–frequency distributions. Expand
In search of a euphony unit: A case study in Czech 1830s poetry*
The study examines selected samples of Czech 1830s poetry production through the prism of a quantitative conception of euphony. Stemming from Jan Mukařovský’s reflections on the topic, it tries toExpand
Guta Saga. Dějiny lidu z ostrova Gotland
The article reviews the book Guta Saga. Dějiny lidu z ostrova Gotland (Edice X, 2014), edited and translated by Miroslav Cerný.
Five Ways of Investigating Adnominals in Czech Sonnets of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Abstract The paper focuses on analysing the use of adnominals in the selected fifteen sonnet authors of the 19th- and 20th-century Czech literature. The poets have been selected so as to representExpand