Michal Lokaj

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Information or feedback about users' information needs beyond a brief query is crucial for improving the effectiveness of video search. One paradigm that addresses this issue is search and linking, i.e., after an initial search the user selects an item and requests a set of items that share properties with the one selected. We propose an approach for the(More)
This paper describes the work done by the TOSCA-MP team for the linking subtask. We submitted three sets of runs: text-only with fixed segments, text-only aligned with shot boundaries, and text and visual with fixed segments. Each of these sets consists of six runs, using combinations of three different types of text resources and for each using only the(More)
  • Msc Drita, M Lokaj, Shaban A Buza
  • 2012
Positioning of two drums in the rotating shaft of Winch Haulage is very important because of the deformations and safety, especially when taking into the account the loads during the exploitation. Therefore, in this paper is analysed deflection, slope angle and safety factor of the rotating shaft depending on the position of the drum at the optimised Winch(More)
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