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Timed data processing belongs to one of the most important task of the development of current database systems. Conventional database approach offers paradigm for current valid data processing. However, it is necessary to store and manage also historical values. Moreover, temporal system should provide structure for future valid data processing. The basic(More)
The need of today is to have not only actual data - data that are valid in this moment, but also historical data, by which the progress and frequency of changes can be monitored. It offers creating future prognoses. Temporal tables (mostly modelled using uni-temporal and bi-temporal tables) in comparison with conventional tables can process and retain the(More)
  • Michal Kvet
  • 2015
Principles of conventional approach managing and storing only actual valid data defined in the past is not suitable for the increasing number of requirements to obtain images of the objects and their states over the time. Therefore, temporal approach based on object layer as the granularity has been defined, which can be, however, ineffective, if the object(More)
Temporal database is an extension of the concept of standard databases which process only current valid data. Temporal structure is not based only on managing historical data, but it should also model the data, the validity of which will be in the future in special structures. This paper deals with the temporal structure on object level in comparison with(More)
Brain tumour is one of the serious diseases and can cause death. Research in the medical treatment is focused on early diagnosis as well as treatment of the patient. This paper deals with the management for magnetic resonance imaging results processing and monitoring over time, which is very important during the treatment of the patient. It requires(More)
Timed data processing is a fundamental requirement for the database systems. It is not, however, only the changes in time management, but also the complex record of changes during the whole life cycle of the object - historical values, actual states, also data valid the future. Existing solutions are inadequate in terms of performance - effectiveness of the(More)