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We show that explicit MPC solutions admit a closed-form solution which does not require the storage of critical regions. Therefore significant amount of memory can be saved. In fact, not even the construction of such regions is required. Instead, all possible optimal active sets are first extensively enumerated. Then, for each optimal, only the analytical(More)
A given explicit piecewise affine representation of an MPC feedback law is approximated by a single polynomial, computed using linear programming. This polynomial state feedback control law guarantees closed-loop stability and constraint satisfaction. The polynomial feedback can be implemented in real time even on very simple devices with severe limitations(More)
— In this paper we show how to synthesize explicit representations of Model Predictive Control (MPC) feedback laws that maintain temperatures in a building within of a comfortable range while taking into account random evolution of external disturbances. The upside of such an explicit MPC solution stems from the fact that optimal control input can be(More)