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—In recent years, smart-devices became very popular among people of all ages around the world. Very important is especially their usage in health applications. Special Body Area Network (BAN) for the stress monitoring is currently being developed within the authors' department. Android-based smartphone is employed as the main control unit of the sensor(More)
nodes, most of the energy is consumed when transmitting or receiving data. Sleep-wake scheduling mechanism is an effective way how to prolong node's lifetime. However, this mechanism can result in delays because a transmitting node has to wait until his neighbor wakes up. Another solution is event-driven communication model, where nodes communicate in case(More)
—Synchronization, in general, is the process of event coordination so that a system performs in unison. In wireless sensor networks (WSN), the network topology often changes dynamically in time. This brings technical hitches and challenges into time synchronization of the sensor nodes in the WSN. In such networks, data routing scheme is either data fusion,(More)
—This paper introduces low-cost non-intrusive sensory that can collect traffic data based on Raspberry Pi single board computer. Image information acquired by Raspberry Pi HD camera module is analyzed for moving objects presence. After evaluation of detected object count, size, class and motion vector object properties are sent to server node by RF(More)
—This paper addresses analysis of the principle of a bi-directional electric energy charge pump and describes circuit solution for control unit of a wireless sensor node power subsystem. This power and control unit, as the power subsystem of the wireless node, comprises two supercapacitors. Bi-directional energy flow between these two supercapacitors takes(More)