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I would like to thank my supervisor RNDr. Irena Ml´ynková Ph.D., for her helpful suggestions, advice and corrections. I declare that I carried out this master thesis independently, and only with the cited sources, literature and other professional sources. I understand that my work relates to the rights and obligations under the Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the(More)
I would like to thank everyone participating in the jInfer project for creating a solid foundation for this work, namely Irena Mlýnková, Michal Klempa, Má-rio Mikula, Robert Smetana and Michal Švirec. The thanks goes again to Irena Mlýnková for supervising this work, as well as everyone reviewing it, in no particular order Lýdia Švagerková, Zuzana Masárová,(More)
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