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BACKGROUND For Europe as a whole, data on internal exposure to environmental chemicals do not yet exist. Characterization of the internal individual chemical environment is expected to enhance understanding of the environmental threats to health. OBJECTIVES We developed and applied a harmonized protocol to collect comparable human biomonitoring data all(More)
Technology supported and technology based learning is a good example of advanced application for interactive computer graphics and vision. One of them is augmented reality support for learning skills or gaining knowledge. In this paper we deal with the project icPoint which has the goal to provide a simple method for cheap night sky objects identifying and(More)
The metal cadmium (Cd) is a widespread environmental pollutant with documented adverse effects on the kidneys and bones from long-term environmental exposure, but with insufficiently elucidated public health consequences such as risk of cardiovascular disease, hormone-related cancer in adults and developmental effects in children. This study is the first(More)
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