Michal J. Okoniewski

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This paper contains description of an knowledge discovery experiment performed in radio planning department of one of Polish celular telecom providers. The results of using various data mining methods for GSM cell traac prediction are presented. The methods used include both standard and well established approaches such as decision trees and k-means(More)
UNLABELLED Many time-consuming analyses of next -: generation sequencing data can be addressed with modern cloud computing. The Apache Hadoop-based solutions have become popular in genomics BECAUSE OF: their scalability in a cloud infrastructure. So far, most of these tools have been used for batch data processing rather than interactive data querying. The(More)
The new form of quantitative and multi-dimensional association rules, unlike other approaches, does not require the discretization of real value attributes as a preprocessing step. Instead, associations are discovered with data-driven algorithms. Thus, such rules may be considered as a good tool to learn useful and precise knowledge from scientific, spatial(More)
The paper contains description of a new clustering methodology that partitions data set into clusters, such that regression indetermination coefficient for data from each cluster is minimized. A clustering algorithm that realizes this methodology with genetic programming approaches, as well as, some experimental results are presented. The application of the(More)
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