Michal Gorawski

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Performance evaluation of protocols and mechanisms in wireless networks require a good representation of client mobility. The number of mobility models has been developed, to emulate the changes of location in time of mobile wireless devices in communication networks, such as e.g. mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, palmtops. Mobility models are used to(More)
The paper presents a practical application of the crowdsensing idea to measure human mobility and signal coverage in cellular networks. Currently, virtually everyone is carrying a mobile phone, which may be used as a sensor to gather research data by measuring, e.g., human mobility and radio signal levels. However, many users are unwilling to participate in(More)
In this article, we present new indexing and balancing methods used in parallel spatio-temporal data warehouse (B-PSTDW). Main motivation for designing the B-PSTDW system are unsatisfying results from exploitation of spatial data warehouse with cascaded star model indexed with aR-tree, which was used for distributed telemetric data processing (DSDW(t)). The(More)
Distributed computing is nowadays almost ubiquities. So is data mining - time and hardware resources consuming process of building analytical models of data. Authors propose methodology of combining local analytical models (build parallely in nodes of distributed computer system) into a global one without necessary to construct distributed version of data(More)
Data warehouse systems service larger and larger sets of data. Effective data indexing is not sufficient, because one system node is unable to store this many quickly flowing data. More and more common solution is distribution of an indexing structure among several system nodes. Indexing structures presented in the following article are based on a grid(More)