Michal Glowacki

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Existing studies of the atomic hydrogen gas content in distant galaxies, through the absorption of the 21-cm line, often infer that the total column density, NHI, is anticorrelated with the linear extent of the background radio source, dem. We investigate this interpretation, by dissecting the various parameters from which NH I is derived, and find that the(More)
The defect chemistry and charge transport properties of La0.95Sr0.05Ga0.95Mg0.05O3-δ (LSGM) single crystals, grown by the Czochralski technique, were studied by impedance spectroscopy performed over a wide temperature range (180–800◦C) and oxygen partial pressures from 0.21 to 1013 mbar. Owing to ion blocking Pt thin film electrodes impedance data showed a(More)
An epidemiologic investigation at a community teaching hospital identified 17 cases of endemic primary nosocomial bacteremias associated with the use of pulmonary artery catheters (PACs). A matched-case control study was undertaken to identify risk factors associated with these bacteremias. Factors significantly associated with bacteremia were length of(More)
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