Michal Drozdowicz

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Adaptive Distributed Applications in Java (ADAJ) is a platform developed for execution of distributed applications in Java. The objectives of this platform is to facilitate application design and to efficiently use the power of distributed computing. The ADAJ offers both a programming and an execution environment. In the latter it implements object(More)
Complexity of tsunami modeling requires designing software system with high level of reusability and interoperability of its components, and flexible resource management. In this paper we investigate how to integrate the tsunami modeling software with an agent-based resource management infrastructure.
The Agents in Grid project is devoted to the development of an agent-based intelligent high-level Grid middleware. In the proposed system, all data processing is ontology-driven, and initially was based on an in-house developed mini-ontology of the Grid. Our recent analysis has indicated that we should adapt and utilize the Grid ontology developed within(More)
One of the important issues when designing systems that are to use ontologies and semantic data processing is, how to build the interface between the user and the system. The aim of this paper is to discuss technical details of OntoPlay, a flexible interface for ontology-based systems. OntoPlay allows creation of dynamical interfaces that allow(More)
Ontology engineering, despite considerable progress, is still relatively new and dynamically evolving discipline. As a result, the universal standards for creating and/or editing an ontology, have not been established. This leads to problems with reusing and updating existing ontologies. It also makes writing an ontology from scratch seem like a good idea.(More)
We are developing an agent-team-based Grid resource brokering and management system. One of issues that has to be addressed is team preservation through mirroring of key information. We focused our attention on information generated within the agent team. In this paper we discuss sources of information generated in the system and consider which information(More)
This work concerns part of our project, devoted to the development of an agent-team-based Grid resource brokering and management system. Here, open issues that have to be addressed in the process, concern agent team preservation. In our earlier work it was suggested that this can be achieved through mirroring of key information. Here, we discuss in detail(More)
1 Abstract It is a widely held belief that software agents will become the next revolution in information technology. One of the areas where they are expected to play an important role is the Grid. Claims to this effect, as well as research results can be found in work of B. diMartino, O. Rana, B. Prasad and others. In our work we have taken a different(More)