Michal Chalamish

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In this paper, we investigate the usefulness of peer-designed agents (PDAs) as a turn-key technology for enhancing parking simulations. The use of PDAs improves the system's ability to capture the dynamics of the interaction between individuals in the system, each theoretically exhibiting a different strategic behavior. Furthermore, since people in general(More)
In this paper, we present AutoMed, an automated mediator for multi-issue bilateral negotiation under time constraints. AutoMed elicits the negotiators preferences and analyzes them. It monitors the negotiations and proposes possible solutions for resolving the conflict. We conducted experiments in a simulated environment. The results show that negotiations(More)
In this paper we report results of an extensive evaluation of people’s ability to reproduce the strategies they use in simple real-life settings. Having the ability to reliably capture people’s strategies in different environments is highly desirable in Multi-Agent Systems (MAS). However, as trivial and daily as these strategies are, the process is not(More)
The ability to reliably represent and replicate choices people make is crucial for building accurate models of day-to-day situations. The fact that people are inherently rationallyand computationally-bounded increases the difficulties in designing such simulations. This paper builds on the use of peer-designed agents (PDAs) – computer agents developed by(More)
Engaging in negotiations is a daily activity. Some negotiations require the involvement of a mediator in order to be concluded in a satisfying manner. In such cases, the objective is to help the negotiators reach a mutually beneficial agreement [6, 4]. Our research focuses on mediation tools for dealing with bilateral negotiations under time constraints.
Today, sensors and/or anomaly detection algorithms (ADAs) are used to collect data in a wide variety of applications(e.g. Cyber security systems, sensor networks, etc.). Today, every sensor or ADA in its applied system participates in the collection of data throughout the entire system. The data collected from all of the sensors or ADAs are then integrated(More)