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In a search for molecular markers providing both informative diagnostics of malignant disease, and rational stratification of a therapeutic strategy to achieve optimal response in a given patient, we examined the possibility of using telomerase for this purpose in colorectal cancer. Telomerase, a ribonucleoprotein enzyme complex catalysing synthesis of(More)
The paper analyses suitable features for distorted speech recognition. The aim is to explore the application of command ASR system when the speech is recorded with far-distance microphones with a possible strong additive and convolutory noise. The paper analyses feasible contribution of basic spectral subtraction coupled with cepstral mean normalization in(More)
The automatic recognition of MP3 compressed speech presents a challenge to the current systems due to the lossy nature of compression which causes irreversible degradation of the speech wave. This article evaluates the performance of a recognition system optimized for MP3 compressed speech with current state-of-the-art acoustic modelling techniques and one(More)
Ro 13-7410 was given to 29 patients (a total of 38 treatment courses) for 7.5 weeks (range 4-23). This compound is one of the most potent retinoids ever synthetized and has the highest affinity to human skin cellular retinoic-acid-binding protein. At therapeutically active doses, it did not induce the commonly seen mucocutaneous signs of retinoid toxicity(More)
BACKGROUND Friedreich's ataxia is an autosomal recessive, neurodegenerative disease with a prevalence of 1-2: 100,000. Ninety five % of cases are caused by Friedreich's ataxia expansion of GAA triplet repeat in the first intron of the X25 gene. The gene is mapped on chromosome 9q. The objective of the investigation was to introduce simple and reliable DNA(More)
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