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— We have investigated the optical properties of surface-micromachined polycrystalline silicon reflectors within the visible spectral range at five different wavelengths. The measurement results of the reflectivity of various microreflectors at four different incident angles (20 , 30 , 45 , and 60) are presented. Optical properties of microreflectors(More)
We describe a modified confocal microscope in which depth discrimination results from matched filtering by a volume hologram instead of a pinhole filter. The depth resolution depends on the numerical aperture of the objective lens and the thickness of the hologram, and the dynamic range is determined by the diffraction efficiency. We calculate the depth(More)
DNA and peptide nucleic acid (PNA) molecular beacons were successfully used to detect rRNA in solution. In addition, PNA molecular beacon hybridizations were found to be useful for the quantification of rRNA: hybridization signals increased in a linear fashion with the 16S rRNA concentrations used in this experiment (between 0.39 and 25 nM) in the presence(More)
Optical based methods for non-invasive measurement of regional blood flow tend to incorrectly assess cerebral blood flow, due to contribution of extra-cerebral tissues to the obtained signal. We demonstrate that spectral analysis of phase-coded light signals, tagged by specific ultrasound patterns, enables differentiation of flow patterns at different(More)
OBJECTIVE This was a pilot study comparing the ability of a new ultrasound-tagged near-infrared (UT-NIR) device to detect cerebral autoregulation (CA) in comparison to transcranial Doppler (TCD). DESIGN An unblinded, prospective, clinical feasibility study. SETTING Tertiary-care university hospital cardiac surgical operating rooms. PARTICIPANTS Twenty(More)
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