Michal Altmann

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We present a preliminary study of bidirectional ultra-stable optical frequency and precise time transmission over 406 km long path in the telecom-grade fiber optic infrastructure of dense wavelength division multiplexing. The main challenge in this application is the need of bidirectional amplification to compensate for signal loss. Directional(More)
We experimentally verified the resilience of the semiconductor optical amplifier with holding beam injection to reflections from transmission line in bidirectional operation over 200 km single fiber path together with influence of the temperature. The experiments show possible positive effects of such configurations with potential to improve bit error rate(More)
We propose and demonstrate a combination of two methods to stabilize end-to-end delay of an optical fiber link. Temperature conditioning method effectively compensates large slow delay changes while wavelength tuning compensates fast delay jitter. We present our measurement data for three basic telecommunication optical fibers. We summarize design rules for(More)
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