Michal Adamczyk

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The number of dermatologic entities that can be studied by ultrasound examination (US) of the skin is increasing. Conventional US and high frequency US (HFUS) are considered useful additional tools in improving the diagnosis and management of common benign and malignant skin tumors. US may help in positive and differential diagnosis of primary melanocytic(More)
A series of chemiluminescent 17beta-estradiol probes were synthesized. Relative equilibrium dissociation constants (K(D)) for the interaction of an anti-E(2) Fab fragment for the probes in solution were evaluated using a single E(2)-analog biosensor surface on a BIAcore surface plasmon resonance instrument. The results show the antibody fragment binds all(More)
O-(Acridinium)hydroxylamine (AHA) reacted with a representative sample of oxo-steroids (6-oxoestradiol, estrone, norethindrone, cortisol, progesterone, digoxin dialdehyde, and digitoxin dialdehyde) to produce chemiluminescent acridinium oxime (AO) conjugates in a single step in 37-68% yield after preparative HPLC.
The 5 and 6-isomers of O-(fluoresceinylmethyl)hydroxylamine reacted with a representative sample of oxo-steroids (6-oxoestradiol, estrone, norethindrone, cortisol, progesterone, and digitoxin-dialdehyde) to produce O-(fluoresceinylmethyl)oxime conjugates in a single step in 24-84% yield after preparative high performance liquid chromotography.
Amination of 3,17 beta-Bis[(2-trimethylsilylethoxy) methoxy]-1,3,5(10)-estratriene-6-one (2) using NaCNBH4 and NH4OAc afforded 3,17-bis(SEM)-6-aminoestradiol (3) as a mixture of alpha and beta-isomers in 60:40 ratio. Hydrolysis of the mixture of 3 using HF and separation by preparative high-performance liquid chromatography afforded pure 6(More)
6-Oxoestradiol (2) was protected as its bis[(2-trimethylsilylethoxy)methyl] ether (4) and converted to the corresponding oxime (4). The oxime (4) on reduction with zinc in ethanol afforded the bis-SEM ether of 6-alpha-aminoestradiol (5) in 96% epimeric excess. Subsequently, 5 was hydrolyzed with HF to 6-alpha-aminoestradiol (6) in good yield. The absolute(More)
Alkylation of 3,17 beta-bis(2-trimethylsilyl)ethoxymethyl-1,3,5(10) estratriene-6-one (2) with 5-bromo-1-pentene using NaHMDS in THF afforded 3,17 beta-bis(2-trimethylsilyl)ethoxymethyl-7-alpha-(4'pentenyl)-1,3,5(10) estratriene-6-one (3) in excellent stereoselectivity (> 95% epimeric excess). Functionalization of the side chain in compound 3 was(More)
Pure 3 alpha- and 3 beta-aminodigoxigenin were previously prepared from 12-acetyldigoxigenin by a multistep route involving tosylation, azide inversion, deprotection, and reduction. This paper describes the straightforward synthesis of the pure epimers in a single step via reductive amination of digoxigenone and chromatographic separation without the need(More)