Michal Žáček

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This paper describes a numerical model of the human cardiovascular system. The model is composed of 15 elements connected in series representing the main parts of the system. Each element is composed of a rigid connecting tube and an elastic reservoir. The blood flow is described by a one-dimensional time-dependent Bernoulli equation. The action of the(More)
Long-term surveillance of Echinococcus multilocularis occurrence in red foxes in Slovakia revealed the existence of highly endemic areas, with an overall prevalence rate of 41.6 % in the northern part of the country. Between 2000 and 2013, 26 human cases of alveolar echinococcosis were detected and only three of them were not in endemic localities in(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of the study is to share the results and development findings on the laparoscopic closure technique applied in our centre during a 15-year period (1998-2012). AIM To compare statistically the standard parameters (hospitalization, duration of operation) versus conventional surgery, and at the same time we compared mainly(More)
Investigations were undertaken to evaluate nonresorbable, particulate ceramic hydroxylapatite (durapatite) for augmentation of deficient alveolar ridges. One hundred and fifteen augmentations in both jaws were reported for 110 patients over a 33-month postoperative period. Subjective and objective data show that the implant was successful for all classes of(More)
In view of the importance of properly matching vascular grafts and replaced arteries, we measured some mechanical properties of a set of eleven vascular grafts. The deformation response of inflated grafts for a set of Czechoslovak-made warp and weft knitted grafts was also measured on a special experimental device. A simple two-parameter model describing(More)
To produce properly matching vascular grafts and replace arteries, samples of Czech weft- and warp-knitted vascular grafts (MF and RA respectively) were tested. Their deformation response was measured on a special experimental device. Samples of these grafts, prepared under different thermal conditions, were then produced and tested. Strong dependence of(More)
Using theory of linear elasticity, a theoretical model describing the decrease in the flow section of artificial vascular prostheses in response to blood pressure changes in proposed. The model is based on the presumably different deformation behaviours of the vessel and the prosthesis. An increase in the vascular intima thickness in small-calibre(More)