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The biological health of soil is an important aspect of soil quality because of the many critical functions performed by organisms in soil. Various indicators of soil quality have been proposed, but measurements of microbial biomass are most commonly used. During decomposition of plant residues in soil the relative intensities of the O-alkyl-C signal(More)
Rapid and correct production of generic solid dosage forms requires a large amount of analytical data and conclusions. Modern analytical techniques have a good resolution and accuracy and allow obtaining a lot of information about the original product. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is used for observation and assessing individual layers, core and(More)
Activity of the Leonid meteor stream is analyzed from radar data collected in the Czech Republic over a 30-year interval and Canada from 1964–1967. The shower shows pronounced activity during the 1964–1967 time period, with large meteoroids abundant in the 1965 shower. The filament causing the 1966 Leonid storm is present in 1965, but absent in 1967. The(More)
A series of peracylated glycosamine-derived thioureas have been synthesized and their behavior as bifunctional organocatalysts has been tested in the enantioselective nucleophilic addition of formaldehyde tert-butyl hydrazone to aliphatic α-keto esters for the synthesis of tertiary azomethyl alcohols. Using the(More)
Although methods exist to readily determine the particle size distribution (PSD) of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) before its formulation into a final product, the primary challenge is to develop a method to determine the PSD of APIs in a finished tablet. To address the limitations of existing PSD methods, we used hot-stage microscopy to observe(More)
The most of currently produced active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are poorly soluble in the human body. One of the options how to increase their dissolution rate is reducing their particle size. If very small particles of API are desired, traditional milling methods often cause smeared, agglomerated or non-flowing particles due to the forces applied.(More)
Although the fragmentation of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a phenomenon that is mentioned in many literature sources, no well-suited analytical tools for its investigation are currently known. We used the hot-stage microscopy method, already presented in our previous work, and studied the real fragmentation of the tadalafil particles in(More)
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