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The aim of this method is to guide a bench scientist to maximise cDNA library analyses to predict biologically relevant genes to pursue in the laboratory. Many groups have successfully utilised cDNA libraries to discover novel and/or differentially expressed genes in pathologies of interest. This is despite the high cost of cDNA library production using the(More)
The data research related to the investigation of the morbidity of the physicians of pre-pensionary age on the basis of medical check-up results. It is established that more than 95% of physicians suffered from chronic diseases. At that most of them had several diseases. Among the examined groups of physicians according their gender, age and duration of(More)
In the case of a continuous integrand L : R n m —> RU {00} and a probability measure v supported in R n m we indicate conditions both necessary and sufficient for this measure to be generated as a homogeneous Young measure by gradients of piece-wise affine functions Uk € I A + Wo'°°(Q) with the property L(Duk) -* (L;v) in L(Q). Here A is the center of mass(More)
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